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          Four Global Companies. A World of Expertise and Capabilities

          Each of our companies is a global leader in its field.? And, when our colleagues work together across businesses to harness the collective strength of Marsh & McLennan, our capabilities are unmatched. We call this the MMC Advantage. Learn more:

          MMC Advantage

          Building resilience to climate change. Realizing the potential of transformative technologies amid increasing cyber risk. Making the most of every talent in the workforce of the future. Building infrastructure. Enhancing healthy societies everywhere...

          The risk, strategy and people aspects of these issues are complex, dynamic and increasingly interconnected. We are relentless in pursuing solutions at this critical intersection, helping clients navigate their most complex problems and seize new opportunities in a holistic and coordinated way. Our combined capabilities across industries and around the world are unmatched.

          This is the MMC Advantage.

          Let’s start a conversation.

          We enable enterprise in more than 130 countries, helping our clients address the great challenges and opportunities of our time.

          • Turning uncertainty into growth

            Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients identify new opportunities by addressing the full range of risks, facilitating capital flows and overcoming barriers to investment.

            • POLITICAL RISK

              Business resilience specialists at Marsh are helping multinational organizations manage the risks of political instability in emerging markets with multi-faceted strategies to protect their people, assets and supply chains.

            • EMERGING RISKS

              Guy Carpenter is helping insurers and governments understand the risks they face and spread their related costs into broader financial markets. Now perils such as rising seas can be better managed for the benefit of communities and businesses.


              Mercer is helping institutional investors assess the impact of climate change scenarios on their portfolios. As a result, asset managers are engaging with climate issues as never before and increasing their oversight of these emerging risks.


              Oliver Wyman and behavioral economists at ideas42 are designing new banking products that improve financial stability for the one-third of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, and generate enough profit to bring banks into the market.

          • Enhancing health and wealth around the world

            Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients manage the world’s most important resource, people, by improving healthcare outcomes and long-term financial security.


              Mercer Marsh Benefits is enhancing economic security for millions of Asian workers by equipping employers with better ways to forecast what people will need, ensuring a more bankable future for companies as well as employees.


              Longevity risk experts at Guy Carpenter are helping employers, policy makers and insurers understand how longer lives will change the economics of working, retiring and healthcare, so the systems we all count on will keep up with us.


              Pharmacy specialists at Mercer are helping rein in costs of specialty medications, which have nearly doubled since 2011. The Mercer solution provides price stability for benefit managers and peace of mind for employee families.


              Oliver Wyman is helping policy makers and practitioners tackle chronic population health challenges such as obesity and diabetes by deploying more comprehensive, evidence-based strategies that empower patients.

          • Realizing the promise of emerging technologies

            Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients identify increasingly interconnected risks and implement enterprise solutions to make technology secure and productive.

            • MODERN MARINE

              Marsh is pushing governments to survey more of the world’s oceans to make navigation safer for today’s megaships – and prevent environmental harm should one of these huge vessels strike an uncharted reef.


              Aviation and technology specialists at Guy Carpenter are helping regulators, insurers and businesses balance the phenomenal economic potential of pilotless aircraft with potential risks to public safety, privacy and national security.

            • TECH FOR CLIENTS

              A Mercer app is using neuroscience to help employers find untapped talent. Twelve short games assess 80 cognitive, emotional and social traits, matching candidates with roles where they will truly thrive.

            • INNOVATION

              Oliver Wyman is helping industrial clients see their operating environments in new ways by linking drone-mounted sensors to advanced analytics, turning right now data into right now decisions.

          • Building more resilient societies

            Marsh & McLennan Companies collaborates with global industries, NGOs and governments to identify shared risks, preserve critical resources and advise on long-term investments.

            • EXTREME WEATHER

              By applying advanced analytics to extreme weather events, the Catastrophe Response Team at Marsh is helping businesses, communities and insurers prepare and respond more effectively when nature does its worst.

            • ENVIRONMENT

              A one-of-a-kind database at Guy Carpenter is helping clients model an expanding range of environmental liabilities, enabling more comprehensive risk assessment – and fuller recovery when prevention fails. 


              Retirement specialists at Mercer are helping clients address a global pensions shortfall. Public, private and individual retirement programs are all underfunded – a growing danger to families, economies and the world financial system.

            • FOOD SECURITY

              Retail experts at Oliver Wyman are helping to increase global food security by reducing spoilage and waste at stores – a sustainable solution in a world where food production already consumes 50% of the arable land and 70% of its water.