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          We are Oliver Wyman

          working side by side with clients to solve their most pressing challenges in the realms of strategy, operations, risk and organization transformation. We bring exceptional people together to create value by making lasting contributions to our clients, industries and societies. Deep industry knowledge and unusually close partnerships at every level in client organizations enable us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking to tough problems, helping to create significant, lasting change.

          The largest part of Oliver Wyman Group is Oliver Wyman, a global leader in management consulting, combining deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management and organizations transformation. The Group also contains Lippincott, a leading brand strategy and design consultancy, and NERA, a leading provider of economic analysis regarding highly complex business and legal issues. 

          • 1984 Year Founded
          • 5,000+ Colleagues
          • 50+ Offices Worldwide

          Our resources include management consultants, economists and leaders in brand strategy and design.

          • Oliver Wyman

            Leaders in management consulting, delivering innovative solutions and accelerated implementation.

          • NERA

            A deeply specialized provider of economic analysis regarding complex business and legal challenges.

          • Lippincott

            A leading brand strategy and design consultancy helping marketers connect with customers worldwide.