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          Davos Briefing Book

          The best thinking from Marsh & McLennan Companies prepared for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

          Marsh & McLennan has been a strategic partner and contributor to the World Economic Forum for nearly 15 years, reflecting MMC's journey of collaboration and participation in the event.


          Briefing Book

          When Women Thrive

          An evidence based approach to diversity and inclusion.

          • Accelerating for Impact: 2018 Gender Inflection Point
            How can we advance women in the workforce of the future?

            Mercer sets out to further understand the drivers of female advancement and identify concrete steps organizations can take to change or improve their trajectories. The result is a holistic look at the future of women in the workforce — from the headwinds impeding progress, to the system accelerators that provide great hope for sustained improvement.

          • When Women Thrive: Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America
            Understanding the underlying forces driving women’s representation in corporate leadership in Latin America.

            Latin American women have made significant progress over the last three decades, increasing their labor force participation and receiving more university degrees than their male counterparts. A full 64% of the organizations surveyed by Mercer understand the business imperative behind gender diversity, yet progress is stagnating and women continue to be underrepresented across industries.

            This report looks at the state of women in the Latin American workforce to gain a greater understanding of the underlying forces driving women’s representation — and examine policies and practices to accelerate progress.

          • When Women Thrive: Technology Industry Perspectives
            Helping women thrive is an imperative for the technology industry.

            The world looks to the tech sector as a lens into the future. Touching almost every corner of the globe, tech behemoths have changed the way the world works and interacts. The ability to create customer demand and stay ahead of the competition – while at the same time manage globalization and increasing regulatory demands – has attracted some of the best and brightest talent to the industry. From office perks to workspace amenities, tech’s approach to attracting and retaining talent has been admired and emulated by other industries.

            A diverse workforce delivers product innovation aligned to the needs of varied customers; positive brand image; and unique insights, knowledge and experiences. Significant research has been done over the past two decades linking higher female representation in the workplace with a variety of business performance measures, including better financial performance; higher return on sales, equity and invested capital; higher operating results; better stock growth; and more.

          • When Women Thrive 2016 Executive Summary
            When women thrive, businesses thrive.
            Mercer When Women Thrive 1200x630

            Mercer's most comprehensive, analytical and predictive research on women in the workforce - linking organizational policies and programs to results.  We've added 13 countries since our initial 2014 report which now includes 42 countries, nearly 600 submissions, and 3.2 million employees, including 1.3 million women.