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            Marsh & McLennan Advantage

            The MMC Advantage is our unique approach to harnessing the collective strength of our businesses to deliver the full value of Marsh & McLennan to clients. We empower our colleagues to collaborate across businesses and borders to help organizations navigate their greatest risk, strategy and people challenges and seize new opportunities.

            Driving the MMC Advantage are Marsh & McLennan Insights and Solutions – global teams bringing together our firm’s top talent and expertise to develop breakthrough perspectives and industry-specific offerings on the issues that matter most.

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            We have a good vantage point  to what other companies are seeing. Clients these days have geoeconomic concerns and most boards view cyber as the number one risk."
            President & CEO, Dan Glaser 
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            OUR COLLEAGUES

            My involvement with diversity and inclusion has changed my life for the betterI can bring my whole self to work every day, which I didn't do before."
            Jeff Ince, Placement Specialist, Marsh

          GLOBAL RISKS REPORT 2019 

          Facing Risks - Together or Apart?

          Is the world sleepwalking into a crisis? Global risks are intensifying, but the collective will to tackle them appears lacking. Strong state-centered politics continued in 2018, with the idea of "taking back control" from political rivals and multilateral organizations. Efforts to recover national control have weakened collective responses to global challenges and created greater risk for business strategies and investments. The 2019 Global Risks Report reveals we are drifting deeper into difficult global problems that can best be overcome through creative and agile approaches to risk.


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            Marsh & McLennan Companies Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results

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            Fortune OW award


            Oliver Wyman Is One of the 100 Best Companies to Work for According to Fortune

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          • Gender Equality at Marsh & McLennan

            We know that when women thrive, businesses thrive; diverse perspectives mean better solutions and better outcomes. Our inclusion in the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, among 229 other leading businesses around the world, reflects our commitment to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women in the workplace.