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          The MMC Advantage is our unique approach to harnessing the collective strength of our businesses to deliver the full value of Marsh & McLennan to clients. We empower our colleagues to collaborate across businesses and borders to help organizations navigate their greatest risk, strategy and people challenges and seize new opportunities.

          Driving the MMC Advantage are Marsh & McLennan Insights and Solutions – global teams bringing together our firm’s top talent and expertise to develop breakthrough perspectives and industry-specific offerings on the issues that matter most.


          Draws from our firm's expertise and extensive partner network to develop breakthrough perspectives on society's most complex challenges


          Aligns our top talent and resources from Marsh,
          Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman to develop industry-specific offerings for clients around the world. 

          Geographic Delivery

          Insights and solutions are delivered locally by a dedicated network of colleagues around the world.

          Local leaders across the firm, including our Country Corporate Officers are fully engaged in these efforts, deploying the MMC Advantage in more than 130 geographies.